About Mr E

Mr E is Head of Primary Computing and full-time Computing Specialist teacher at an international school teaching the UK curriculum. He has a wealth of over 20 years teaching and leadership experience in the UK and overseas. He’s been class teacher, Assistant Principal, Senior Management, ICT Coordinator, network manager, subject coordinator, maintenance support, cleaner and quasi-technician (When you lead Computing, you’re always trouble-shooting!) among many other roles. Although he originally trained in Secondary History and Geography, he transitioned to Primary ICT/Computing, leading and teaching this dynamic subject in various forms for over 14 years.

Mr E believed in setting the bar high and in a previous life, attained the old ICT Mark (2x) and a prestigious Student Digital Leaders Award amongst others. The awards showcased the real-world aspects of the students’ achievement and leadership not only in Computing but in other important facets of learning, attitudes and disciplines.

Mr E is passionate about creating meaningful, fun and creative real-world outcomes for students. He strongly believes in empowering and equipping students with real-world skills using STEAM pedagogy, problem-solving skills, self-teaching strategies, critical & computational thinking skills, grit, resourcefulness, resilience, unlocking creativity, enterprise, innovation, growth mind sets and values-based learning. These type of skills help take programming, coding, debugging, learning new computer languages into a whole new level, as well as helping to solve real-world problems that life can throw your way.

Aside from learning new technologies, outside of school, he enjoys traveling, learning and experiencing new cultures, exploring ancient ruins and reading historical fiction—in and amongst his gym & fitness routines.