About Real-World Computing

The blog site #RealWorldComputing.uk was established in 2017. It aims to add value to people by sharing stories, experiences, good practice, thoughts and a few other bits about those things that matter in life, with education, computing and the real-world.

The website may be new, but our Computing pedagogy, leadership, philosophies and practices have been in action for many years now by Mr E and his colleagues and mentors. There are so many great websites, social media feeds and educators freely sharing their time, resources, caringness and professional development online, we thought it was time to contribute back and also pay it forward.

There are millions of educators in this world; if this blog site helps or inspires just one, it’ll be worth it.

George Couros #InnovatorsMindset. says “You may feel like you have nothing to say, but you do have a story to tell.”

This is our story.