#RealWorldComputing (#RWC) is a holistic approach to doing Computing in real preparation for life.

This means developing a range of complementary thinking skills, utilizing language development skills and scaffolding thinking processes, just as much as having a full range of digital competences, underscored by pedagogies and philosophies and building character through values and mindsets. Finally, it is developing students’ skills, IT capabilities and aptitudes through authentic tasks to solve complex real-world problems to meet the needs of themselves and others. Further details can be found here.

The philosophy of #RealWorldComputing is predicated upon the 3 Strands of the National Curriculum for England: Computer Science, Information Technology and Digital Literacy (found here), but it is not limited to this. It is not just about teaching IT skills for the 21st Century—for which jobs we are not sure will exist—or solely learning particular platforms or programmes. #RWC is open-minded, adaptive and boldly explores new concepts, ideas , technologies and curricula, whilst keeping students’ learning and character development its heart.

It’s ambitiously bold, fun and creative.

#RealWorldComputing understands that personal accountability, grit and determination, creative and entrepreneurial thinking, self- awareness and character development are interconnected and part of a well-rounded life-long education.

#RealWorldComputing is a philosophy about those things that matter in life, about education and the real-world.