Hello World!

This is my very first blog! Welcome to RealWorldComputing.uk (#RWC).


My name is Mr E. I am a creator, innovator, reflector and deep-thinker. I can see the big picture as a whole, but I also have an ability to see, know and understand all the intricate parts and sub-routines that go together to make that whole click like clock-work. I’m also HOD Primary Computing and Computing Specialist Teacher at an international school teaching the UK curriculum.

For a long while now, like many of you, I’ve been following various educators and organisations on the web, searching for lesson resources, ideas or that bit of inspirational pedagogy. There are so many great educators out there. Wow! However, when I was recently introduced to Twitter as a medium of professional development, I saw social media, professional dialogue and CPD in a whole new light. It was–and still is–a great eye opener. I had many creative ideas, but how would I organise and share them?

Whether following @SeeSaw, @LittleBits, @SpheroEdu or #ICTideas etc, I am continually amazed at the seemingly endless amount of educators and schools from around the world sharing and celebrating their classroom stories, wisdom and experiences on social media. Social media is an awesome virtual staffroom, display board, CPD resource and more. The variety and excitement of following and reading so many like-minded professionals is impressive, but a nagging question remained “Could I do this too? How do I share 20 years of teaching and leading experiences?”

I was full of ideas, full of evaluated experiences over the years, but I seemed to be spinning my wheels in the mud. However, further and determined perusal of various blogs and discussions with friends former colleagues, four particular people inspired me and helped the idea take shape.

An Idea Takes Shape

First, my now retired colleague (and his wife) and good friends in Yorkshire, with whom I worked on a variety of projects together and have many great discussions and debates about Computing and the real-world–not to mention history, geography and archeology! He helped me flesh out the skeleton and some key ideas of this website; our thinking and thought processes complement each other very well and we bring out the best in each other to create even better things! Much appreciated, sir.

Secondly, @ICTEvangelist Mark Anderson who wrote some great articles here about about blogging for yourself and another article here about why teachers should tweet. His experiences and stories are inspiring, encouraging and full of wisdom and helped me focus on my energies for this website. He has so many helpful resources for educators, especially first-timers. I am grateful for your passion and dedication to educationalists around the globe in the work that you do.

Thirdly, @GeorgeCouros, who’s fresh-take on innovation, education and “outside-the-box” thinking wrote an inspiring article #Why you aren’t blogging more…. I reflected. Then it hit me. I had something to say. I have a story to tell. Stories that will add value to people. And with social media, I now have an easily accessible medium through which to share. I am grateful for your unique perspectives, innovative ideas and a way of helping us re-think what we think.

Fourthly, a thank you to @OLewis_coaching whose blog Hello World inspired me to take action on my own first blog!

Finally, my best friend of many years, IT Engineer and former colleague in London, who was and still is my “technical right-hand guy” who helped me set up the technical aspects of this website and also provides that “needed kick” and moral support friends help each other with. Words are not enough. Thank you.

Thank you. I am grateful for you all.

The Birth of RealWorldComputing.uk

So in 2017 this website and Twitter handle @MrE_RealWorldCo were born. #RWC may be new, but our Computing pedagogy, leadership, philosophies and practices have been in action for many years now by Mr E, his colleagues and mentors. And if only 1 person is inspired by this and in some way I have added value to them, then it is still absolutely worth it.

#RealWorldComputing is a philosophy about those things that matter in life, about education and the real-world.

This is our story.

–Mr E

Hello World

Mr E

HOD | Computing Specialist | Passionate about creating meaningful, real-world outcomes for students | STEAM | Robotics | Mindsets | Grit | Leadership | Gym & Fitness

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